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Top 10 Reasons for Using a Content Management System for Your Website

  1. Put content creation into the hands of content managers — where it belongs. This will speed up the deployment of new ideas and concepts, and keep web sites from becoming stale and out-dated.
  2. Speed the creation and maintenance of web sites using page templates and web components (surveys, FAQs, calendars, image galleries, etc. — standard features in a good CMS.
  3. Take advantage of Web 2.0 and social media. Your enterprise CMS will provide everything you need to stay current (message boards, blogs, RSS etc.), all in one integrated package.
  4. Host web sites for others. Point Dynamics CMS offers an “on-demand” solution with a “zero-downtime” network guarantee.
  5. An enterprise class CMS will have built-in, role-based security that allows non-IT staff to easily grant or restrict access to web pages and documents on intranets, internets, and portals.
  6. An affordable solution with a built-in document management component will lower hardware costs by eliminating servers and disk space previously needed for uncontrolled document growth and storage.
  7. A solution that has both Web Content and Document Management with built in role-based security, limits legal liability and ensures an easy and smooth Disaster Recovery process.
  8. You can free-up IT resources by removing the burden of web site creation and maintenance; your IT staff can work on other projects that have been delayed/placed on the back burner due to a lack of resources.
  9. Create professional portals that are interactive and personalized, prompting return visits, repeat business and loyal customers.
  10. ROI can be measured in hard dollar cost savings as well as those immeasurable “soft” benefits. This includes, but is not limited to:
    1. Decreased time to “market” resulting in increased sales.
    2. Expanding products/services reach via WEB 2.0 tools.
    3. Decrease in costs for web site design, creation, and maintenance.
    4. Increased productivity and improved process efficiencies.
    5. Dramatic reduction in paper/storage costs.
    6. Increase in brand awareness.

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