7 Steps to Creating a Great Email Marketing Plan

  1. Create your email campaign – Create a professionally designed eMail, eNewsletters, ePromotions or eVites to create a useful and educational message. Include special offers, but make your message meaningful and not too sales focused. Customers can unsubscribe, change their contact information, or delete your message at the click of a button.
  2. Make sure your message gets there – Most Internet providers guard against bulk emailing, as it is a way of protecting their customers from SPAM. Email Marketing companies have high standards and strong relationships with Internet providers, which allow them to send bulk emails.
  3. Professional mailing practices increase customer loyalty – Protect your customers’ privacy and preferences. By using a professional Email Marketing solution, you can avoid breaching your list members’ confidentiality. Email Marketing services also provide automatic unsubscribe features to keep you on the right side of the law.
  4. Track your results – Email campaign tracking reports show you who opened your emails and which links were clicked.
  5. Email list management takes away your headaches – Email Marketing saves you time by hosting the lists of your customer’s emails and automatically performing list management tasks such as signing up new members, editing so that members can change their information, and handling bounced emails for you.
  6. Build a prospective customer list – When visitors arrive at your website, use a customizable sign-up box to invite them to join your email list to receive useful information and valuable specials. You can add to your list by including email addresses you already have, but make sure your customers want to be included.
  7. Turn Prospects Into Customers – You can measure the number of emails opened, who opened what, and which links they clicked on. By understanding the individual and campaign results, you will know your customers better and be able to build more effective future campaigns.
Written By: Jeff Dailey - Principal and CEO
Jeff has been at the forefront of eMarketing for nearly eighteen years, including the planning, development and implementation of more than 350 websites in the B-to-C and B-to-B sectors. Several of these sites have won national awards from PCWeek and eWeek magazines, Information Week magazine and Harris Interactive.

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