Focusing on the Small Stuff Can Help Your SEO

Most of the attention that goes toward discussions on search engine optimization is rightfully directed toward the major aspects of the process. SEO practices such as link building, blogging, and the selection of keywords carry much of the weight in terms of getting ranked by the search engines and discovered by visitors. There are, however, some other relatively minor SEO “to-do’s” which should not be ignored. The small stuff in the SEO process can add up to the point where it makes a difference in both search results and user experience. Here is some of the small stuff that should not be overlooked:

Header tags – Off the web, a header tag would commonly be known as a subtitle. Algorithms are such that header tags don’t have as much influence as they once did but they still matter. For SEO purposes, the top header tag carries the most value with descending headers progressively decreasing in importance. On the side of user experience, header tags break up content to make it more appealing visually. This increases the chance that a visitor will stay with the content, especially if the header tags are compelling.

Going Bold in the Content – Bold-faced content is less important than header tags on the SEO side, but putting keywords in bold can help to stress the importance of the terms to the search engine spiders. Much like header tags, putting content in bold also breaks up the look of the page to visitors and draws attention to keywords and phrases when a visitor first sees the page. Bolding relevant keywords can assure visitors that they have found a site that is related to their search.

Anchors – From an SEO standpoint, anchor text doesn’t provide much of a benefit to the page where it resides, instead relaying the benefit to the page where it’s pointed. An example would be an anchor term in the more general content on the home page that is pointed to a product page with more specific information. Anchors can also improve the user experience by making navigation toward more information on a topic of interest, and deeper into the site, simple and clear.

While less important than they once were from an SEO standpoint, these actions are still measured and can still help with page rankings. In terms of user experience, these points will serve to keep visitors on the site, a benefit that is more important than ever.

Written By: Jason Maletsky - Web/Application Developer
Jason Maletsky is skilled at all aspects of web development and design, from strategy and planning, through design and implementation. With more than eight years of web development, web design and programming experience, Jason’s goal is to build web applications that create the desired results clients want – including increased sales, attraction of more website visitors, and conversion of site visitors into customers.

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