Some Common Mistakes in Website Promotion

Getting website developed and launched is just the half work done. The major challenge is to make the site accessible and visible to your target audience. A website owner may have to undertake search engine optimization in order to do this. But often, website owners and webmasters make small mistakes, which may hinder their website’s chances of been popular.

Here is a small list of top most common Search Engine Optimization (SEO) mistakes:

  1. Neglecting linking to related content on other websites: Internet is a huge community and if you link to somebody else’s website for relevant article and information, it may turn out to be useful and fruitful association in future. This also makes your own site a much better resource in a reader’s viewpoint.
  2. Use of irrelevant keywords: Proper keyword selection may be the difference between a hit or flop site. If you are targeting wrong keywords then you may get wrong audience. That will mean no sales and money down the drain.
  3. Use of ultra competitive keywords: Also, targeting most competitive keywords means that you are vying for the same audience as other established sites are already doing. It can get very difficult to attain rankings for them and hence a long wait for proper results. a Blog.
  4. Incorrect use of Social Media: Many times, website owners incorrectly using social media to promote your site. The key behind using social networking sites and micro blogging sites like Facebook and Twitter is to effectively disseminate information of your website and build relationships with like minded people and communities. Indiscriminate tactics and information overload can scare off people.
  5. Irritating Pop-ups: Pop ups which spring up every now and then and refuse to go are particularly irritating and can turn visitors away from website.
  6. Overactive promotion: Activities like hyper active link building or keyword spamming can set off a search engine’s alarm bells. Backlinks should be built naturally and over a period of time.
  7. Over use of JavaScript: JavaScript menus and too much Java script can actually make it difficult for search engine crawlers from spidering your website and gleaning information from your website. This information is very vital since this is used in search engines’ algorithm for ranking a website in their results. Similarly, over use of flash, images and frames can mar your site’s prospects.
  8. Brazen Promotion: On your face tactics on forums, website or blog can put off people. Target your audience subtly and respect the rules and etiquettes of the blogs, forums used.
  9. Over reliance on traditional methods: Traditional SEO methods cannot be the only activities. New age methods like social media, micro blogging are increasingly becoming important factor in website promotion.
  10. Uninteresting/Irrelevant Content: A website with irrelevant content or information which doesn’t catch a reader’s attention won’t get too many repeat visitors.

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Written By: Jeff Robinette -

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