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When looking for website hosting, finding the perfect match can be more difficult than it was a just few years ago.  Even a very straightforward website needs a complex array of tools & resources. Plus, the choices of providers, packages and servers are so diverse that it takes a very tech-savvy person to help sort it all out.  If you focus on creating a plan and executing step by step, the whole process becomes a lot easier. So, let’s get started at the very beginning, where the first choice is to decide the server type. Not everyone needs or has a budget big enough to afford a dedicated server, so it’s better to start from the bottom with a shared server.

hefefeddShare Website Hosting is where customers share disk space on the same shared server, with clearly defined access to tools and resources depending on what package the customer has chosen. VPS is another choice that is better than a shared server but cheaper than a dedicated one. The advantage is that a virtual private server allows for a lot more freedom and control than is possible on a shared server.

This is a virtual private server which offers full use of virtualized servers on the same physical server. Suffice it to say that multiple customers are using resources on the same machine, but it appears to each as if they have full control of the server. Assuming that the customer has made a choice of a server based on the budget and website’s needs, the next step would be to choose the OS.

This is important because there are things which one can do on a Windows server which can’t be done on a UNIX/Linux server, and vice versa. For example, ASP scripts can be run on Windows, while the UNIX server will be better for running PHP scripts. Practically speaking, those using Microsoft products across the board will find Windows more convenient, while others who prefer open source will likely prefer the UNIX server.

Next up is the specific web hosting package choice. This requires more than a little comparison shopping to see how similar packages from different hosts match up. Every company has different needs depending on the budget, traffic/bandwidth and expected growth in future, and the website type – as in whether it is a blog or an eCommerce site, has static or dynamic pages, and so on.

The final thing to decide is which provider is the most reliable and affordable. For this, one needs to visit the web hosting review listings on various sites, and check out the host in question. Also look personally into how current customers’ websites are working. The whole point of this exercise is to prevent the need for constant jumps from one host to another after the site launches, so make sure the host provides affordable upgrade plans that won’t disrupt service.

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Written By: Jason Maletsky - Web/Application Developer
Jason Maletsky is skilled at all aspects of web development and design, from strategy and planning, through design and implementation. With more than eight years of web development, web design and programming experience, Jason’s goal is to build web applications that create the desired results clients want – including increased sales, attraction of more website visitors, and conversion of site visitors into customers.

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