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Deadly SEO Mistakes You Must Avoid

Are you getting mediocre results from SEO? If yes, this article is for you. To achieve success with SEO, you must target the right key phrases and build links consistently. It is a continuous process – not a one-time effort.

With this in mind, let us take a look at the 4 deadly SEO mistakes that you must avoid at all cost. These are the mistakes that many optimizers made that prevent them from getting successful results:

  1. You optimize the wrong keywords. If you are trying to optimize keywords that are too generic, it is very hard for you to achieve success from your SEO effort. This is because you will get yourself into a more competitive battlefield with other optimizers. So, spend some time to do your research and look for key phrases with lesser competition but relevant to your business. Remember that if you optimize keywords that are not relevant or too generic, even if you achieve high rankings for them, there will be no conversion.
  2. You do not tag your pages with relevant key phrases. This is the most common mistake that many webmasters made. I believe you have seen websites that place only their company names in their Title tags. Title tags are words that appear on the top left hand side of your Internet browser. You must place keywords in your Title tag because search engines give a lot of weight to it. The title tag is like the Title of a book. It tells readers what the book is about. Likewise, the title tag tells search engines what your website is about. If you are trying to get higher rankings for a keyword but it is not present in your title tag, it is very hard for search engines to award you with high rankings. Therefore, make sure that your title tag describes the content of your page and place important keywords right at the front of it.
  3. You do not have enough content or your content is outdated. SEO is more than just tagging your pages. You need to have enough content for search engines to read. To rank high on search engine listings, you must place keywords in your content. Moreover, if your website content is outdated, search engines will visit your site less often, and thus view it as less important. This also prevents your site from getting higher rankings in search engine listings.
  4. You do not build link consistently. Link building is a process of getting more incoming links to your website. Quality inbound links will help your website to achieve higher rankings for competitive keywords. But link building is a continuous process. If you never do it consistently, you will not achieve good result from SEO. So, always build links consistently by using article marketing, blog commenting, directory submissions, and other common strategies that optimizers are using.

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Some Common Mistakes in Website Promotion

Getting website developed and launched is just the half work done. The major challenge is to make the site accessible and visible to your target audience. A website owner may have to undertake search engine optimization in order to do this. But often, website owners and webmasters make small mistakes, which may hinder their website’s chances of been popular.

Here is a small list of top most common Search Engine Optimization (SEO) mistakes:

  1. Neglecting linking to related content on other websites: Internet is a huge community and if you link to somebody else’s website for relevant article and information, it may turn out to be useful and fruitful association in future. This also makes your own site a much better resource in a reader’s viewpoint.
  2. Use of irrelevant keywords: Proper keyword selection may be the difference between a hit or flop site. If you are targeting wrong keywords then you may get wrong audience. That will mean no sales and money down the drain.
  3. Use of ultra competitive keywords: Also, targeting most competitive keywords means that you are vying for the same audience as other established sites are already doing. It can get very difficult to attain rankings for them and hence a long wait for proper results. a Blog.
  4. Incorrect use of Social Media: Many times, website owners incorrectly using social media to promote your site. The key behind using social networking sites and micro blogging sites like Facebook and Twitter is to effectively disseminate information of your website and build relationships with like minded people and communities. Indiscriminate tactics and information overload can scare off people.
  5. Irritating Pop-ups: Pop ups which spring up every now and then and refuse to go are particularly irritating and can turn visitors away from website.
  6. Overactive promotion: Activities like hyper active link building or keyword spamming can set off a search engine’s alarm bells. Backlinks should be built naturally and over a period of time.
  7. Over use of JavaScript: JavaScript menus and too much Java script can actually make it difficult for search engine crawlers from spidering your website and gleaning information from your website. This information is very vital since this is used in search engines’ algorithm for ranking a website in their results. Similarly, over use of flash, images and frames can mar your site’s prospects.
  8. Brazen Promotion: On your face tactics on forums, website or blog can put off people. Target your audience subtly and respect the rules and etiquettes of the blogs, forums used.
  9. Over reliance on traditional methods: Traditional SEO methods cannot be the only activities. New age methods like social media, micro blogging are increasingly becoming important factor in website promotion.
  10. Uninteresting/Irrelevant Content: A website with irrelevant content or information which doesn’t catch a reader’s attention won’t get too many repeat visitors.

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New Methods To Improve Website ROI Using SEO

Return on Investment (ROI) is the relationship between the total amount you spend and the total amount you earn from a certain internet marketing campaign.

If you are doing any online marketing campaign, then Return On Investment (ROI) is the most important measurement to estimate your success and the one metric that you must work hard on to improve over time.

Generally speaking, Return on Investment (ROI) is a performance measurement used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment and to compare the efficiency of one investment to the other or over a certain period of time.

Return on investment is a very popular metric due to its versatility and simplicity. That is, if an investment does not have a reasonable positive ROI, or if there are other opportunities with a higher ROI, then this investment should not be done. Return On Investment (ROI) is the final measurement of success for any advertising campaign.

How To Calculate your Return On Investment (ROI) ?

Return on Investment (ROI) for any advertising campaign is very simple to calculate. There are only two variations in the calculation formula:

  1.  Total cost of advertising campaign including all expenses related to this specific campaign
  2. Net Profit of this specific advertising campaign.

The Net Profit (return) of an investment is divided by the cost of the investment; the result is expressed as a percentage or a ratio.

Why should you constantly monitor your Return On Investment (ROI) ?

Constant monitoring of your Return on Investment (ROI) either daily, weekly or both will guarantee 5 vital goals:

  1. To ensure that you are not losing money on any advertising campaign on a daily or weekly basis.
  2. To detect any sudden decrease in the performance of any campaign and to take necessary actions to put it back on track.
  3. To detect any sudden improvement in the performance of any campaign and to take necessary steps to exploit the situation for your advantage.
  4. To assess the effect of changing different elements of the campaign to keep the best elements as in split test and other testing methods.
  5. To detect if the campaign is achieving its goals or falling short.

How to Increase Your Return On Investment?

The two most important factors to improve your Return on Investment (ROI) are:

  1. Professional Search Engine Optimization.
  2.  Website Conversion Rate Optimization.

First: Website Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is one of the best internet marketing strategies to improve your Return on Investment. SEO if done properly will bring your pages to the 1st pages of Google, Yahoo, Bing and other major search engines. This will simply give you much more exposure for a long period of time.

Once the initial cost of Search Engine Optimization is paid, you do not need to pay much money to keep your publicity or exposure on the internet.

Other traditional online and off line advertisements require continuous payment to keep your ads running. These payments accumulate to a huge amount of money over time that will far exceed the total cost of Search Engine Optimization.

Proper Search Engine Optimization can be in the form of a combination of any number of the following factors:

  1. Meticulous keyword research, analysis and selection to find and use the most profitable keywords for your business.
  2. SEO copywriting your main website pages and your landing pages to make them more Search Engine Friendly and more easily found by search engines.
  3. Link building to improve your link popularity and to achieve a top search engine placement.
  4. Social Media Marketing to create more brand loyalty and to reach more targeted visitors.

Second: Website Conversion Rate Optimization

When you increase your Conversion Rate, you will get more leads and more sales from your targeted traffic.

A variety of improvements can be applied to increase Conversion Rate:

  1. Find what are your Unique Selling Points (USP) and make them clear and obvious in your website and your landing pages.
  2. Improve your website design to be more search engine friendly and to better communicate your message to your visitors.
  3. Improve your website usability and accessibility to make navigation and finding information, products or services easier for your visitors.
  4. Improve your sales copy to clearly present the benefits of your products or services to be more convincing and compelling to your visitors. Such a Sales copy will encourage and entice your visitors to convert.
  5. Improve landing pages to accurately match your advertising campaigns and the keywords used in them.
  6. Ensure that your landing pages are closely relevant to the content of your website.
  7. Track your campaigns and analyze results to improve performance.
  8. Experiment with different ads, and split test every element and every step of your campaign to fine tune your marketing campaign and improve your return on investment (ROI) results.

5 Mistakes to Avoid Which Using SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been widely adopted by website owners. Compared to even two years back, website owners have now become more SEO savvy and have used SEO to unleash the business potential of their websites. Though, SEO industry is evolving fast, there are some basic principles which have to be adhered no matter what. Similarly, there are some SEO mistakes which though may seem basic can cost rankings on search engines:

  • Title Tags with No Keywords: Lot of times, we see web page titles with just company name or some other inappropriate text with no relevance to the actual content of the page. A title tag is meant to educate both search engines and a human user about the theme of the webpage. Title tag can be one of the most on-page factors that determine your ranking in search results.
  • Improper URLs: Long URLs with parameters can be incomprehensible for both a site visitor and search engine spider. Descriptive filenames with appropriate keywords not only assists a user but also may help in search results. A word of caution: Don’t overuse keywords in filenames.
  • Poor Navigation & No Sitemaps: Spider bots rely on navigation and sitemaps to index pages. Menus made in Flash and JavaScript are unreadable to bots and they may choose to ignore them. Sitemaps, both HTML and XML allow search engine spiders to efficiently and quickly crawl a website. Avoid menu made in flash & JavaScript and always provide sitemap for ease of navigation. Use text as far as possible for creating menus.
  • Inappropriate Anchor Text: “Click here” or “Learn More” are just couple of examples of anchor text which should be strictly avoided as they do not tell anything about the page linked to. Use descriptive text such as “Arizona SEO Company” which includes your keywords and also relates to the page linked to. Don’t use anchor text which has no relation to the linked page.
  • Disallowing a Search Engine: Many times, a newbie while fiddling with robots.txt file may ban a search engine. Robots.txt file is kept in the website root folder and instructs bots on which folders and pages they can crawl or not. A novice webmaster can mistakenly disallow a search engine bot and thus, search engine bots may not index the website.

The mistakes mentioned above can be easily avoided. Such mistakes can be typically seen in websites which have been optimized by inexperienced SEO consultants or web designers/website owners with little or no knowledge of SEO. Thus, it is always recommended that a website should be optimized by experienced Phoenix SEO. An experienced SEO consultant not only avoids such mistakes but has also in-depth and latest knowledge of SEO industry which can give your website an edge over the competition.

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Finding Success in eCommerce Using SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  is the most important and the fastest growing methodologies of the market today. More and more business firms are turning towards this methodology for propagating and selling out their services or products through the World Wide Web medium. This trend has got the people into effectively taking up ecommerce activities like online business sites that can draw good profits. The SEO industry is a recent undertaking and is the best for website promotions in the crowded internet user base.

The benefits that this industry caters to comes in regards to the targeted traffic approach which helps the customers reach out locally and even on the global level. With the fact that more than 85 percent user’s access information through search engines evidently makes the criteria of users clear and hence this is where SEO steps in. Search engines are the source of updating information that helps the search engine to pick up a website and list it in the premium spot. Since web surfers usually refer to only the beginning pages in a search engine therefore the presence of a website their guarantees the success of the organization.

Online success is not possible without proper back up from SEO methods. Therefore in order to achieve the goals effectively there are many different services which have been added to this field. When a business depends a lot on a website then it is important that it should have the required back up to make it prominent amongst potential clients.

Keywords are used according to target audience. This is dependent upon the search engine centric ness. Relevant keywords greatly boost the search engine placing of your website. Tags are also important for SEO. Apart from these advantages SEO services are also highly cost effective and come along with higher usability, compatibility, accessibility and implementation of successful market strategies. Before picking up a SEO service ponder upon the requirements you hold from your website and with this it will be easier to decide as to what can suit your websites growth.

Keywords are used according to target audience. This is dependent upon the search engine centric ness. Relevant keywords greatly boost the search engine placing of your website. Tags are also important for SEO. Apart from these advantages SEO services are also highly cost effective and come along with higher usability, compatibility, accessibility and implementation of successful market strategies. Before picking up a SEO service ponder upon the requirements you hold from your website and with this it will be easier to decide as to what can suit your websites growth.

Keywords are used according to target audience. This is dependent upon the search engine centric ness. Relevant keywords greatly boost the search engine placing of your website. Tags are also important for SEO. Apart from these advantages SEO services are also highly cost effective and come along with higher usability, compatibility, accessibility and implementation of successful market strategies. Before picking up a SEO service ponder upon the requirements you hold from your website and with this it will be easier to decide as to what can suit your websites growth.

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Can Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Effect Your Websites Traffic?

Having a good-looking web site that contributes to high traffic and good conversion rates is a tricky affair that many webmasters don’t understand. Where designing an attractive website and traffic generation is every business owner’s initial goal most of them don’t realize that a lot of things go into making a website a true success, and most business owners simply do not have the time, experience or knowledge to do it correctly. They either end up doing what their competitors are doing showing their limited or no knowledge of the subject all of which causes their businesses to suffer. This is where online marketing companies play a pivotal role. Online marketing or search engine marketing services analyze a website with reference to its design and content and plan out an effective strategy that will for boost your sales and conversion rates. Search engine marketing experts provide marketing tools that boost the success of your website, making it a lucrative and successful enterprise. These days, SEM is an absolute requirement of any marketing plan without which your online marketing strategy is not realizing its full potential. Good search engine marketing strategies are very important for any website in order to promote the products or service being advertised on the website. Refined search engine marketing techniques with compatible SEO tools offers a potential opportunity for business owners to globalize their products within cost-effective and timely budgetary constraints.

Search Engine Marketingis a type of online marketing service for any web site with the aim of increasing its visibility in SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages). SEM involves online promotion of a web site through SEO (Search Engine Optimization), pay per click campaigns, paid inclusion, and appropriate advertising on relevant internet portals. Apart from this banner advertising, viral marketing, social media marketing campaigns and similar marketing techniques can be made part of an effective SEM program.

While there are many SEM (search engine marketing) firms available online you must check the credentials of the company you choose to work with. Look for the client list, years of experience staff strength and qualifications, past client testimonials etc before you decide on any particular firm. Ideally your SEM consultant/ firm should understand your business and marketing goals well and develop a promotional/marketing strategy to improve the presence of your website and secure you a high ranking/position in search engine’s result pages. Your SEM consultants should be experienced with the latest industry-specific technology and techniques, so as to guide you through the marketing plans and get the best out of your web presence.

Some things that you should look for in the services being provided by any good Search Engine Marketing consultant are:

  • A strategic marketing plan is offered that will suit your business requirements.
  • Make sure results on all the leading search engines are included in plan.
  • Targeted Traffic is being generated towards your website by the SEM Company.
  • Look for guarantees with any internet marketing company you’re hiring and their refund policies incase they are not able to deliver the promised results in the target period.
  • Remember that your main purpose of hiring a Search Engine Marketing firm is to get maximum exposure for your website over all the leading search engine result pages with high conversion ratios.

Maximumize AdWords Marketing

Google has formed a very productive internet marketing method in AdWords advertising. In accordance with the theory of keywords, the idea necessitates brilliant placement of ads on applicable websites, so as to establish that only the most highly targeted traffic is led your way through those ads. You have the preference of both text ads or banner ads. Google has specified size parameters, and your ad units must abide by those parameters. Text ads must consist of 2 lines of text, along with a header line.

The Quality Is In The Keywords

No matter what you eventually sell on your website – whether it’s a complete product range regarding something, or some services, or even a simple affiliate marketing plan – you must have quality content on your website. The quality of your website content determines the price of your AdWords advertising. It also determines the amount of revenue generated by the hits resulting directly from this advertising.

It might seem like a good idea to use a misleading keyword phrase in your Google AdWords campaign in order to direct more traffic towards your website. But always remember internet surfers aren’t stupid, and they know what they’re looking for.

And if your AdWords advertising and marketing says you’re marketing carpets, but there’s no reference of carpets anywhere on your website, your visitors won’t turn into customers just because they’ve reached your website, so they might as well buy something.

On the contrary, this kind of misleading AdWords advertising can have the very opposite effect. It can totally destroy your brand name and market trustworthiness. It can cause the search engines to hate you. It can even lead to a “Google Slap”, which is what happens when Google increases your bid prices for keywords because of irrelevant website content and low page ranks on the search engines.

The Targeted Audience

The importance of relevant keywords can’t be emphasized enough in making your Google AdWords campaign a successful marketing venture. Internet surfers like websites that provide what they advertise. Even more important is that your ads should be relevant to the particular market segment you’re targeting.

For example, if you’re selling health products related to asthma, mention something about the discomfort experienced by asthmatics – in such a way that it touches an emotional chord inside them somewhere, compelling them to check out what you’ve got to offer.

Almost all Internet marketers are however aren’t capable to make optimum use of AdWords advertising. Consequently, they simply end up paying needless costs without adequate conversions into revenues. Furthermore, the bid prices of the AdWords also increases, if the landing page of your website isn’t totally related to the keywords employed.

If you make use of the simple tips provided above, you can easily gain a pretty decent advantage over your competitors, with increased revenues and a reduced cost of advertising.

 Provided by: Charles McDuffie

How Long Will It Take For An SEM Project To Work?

If your company is starting from scratch, you need to start with keyword development. Then combine a website redesign and paid search launch, followed closely by a link popularity campaign. If your site requires an extensive overhaul, and if you have a large number of pages that require keyword-targeted copy, the initial setup will take several months.

Once the site is launched, the paid and link popularity initiatives can gain momentum while you wait for a spider to crawl your site, which takes some time. Naturally, the time frame of these initiatives may overlap, depending on your site and your staff’s proficiency. Depending on the site, SEM can become a major task requiring a great deal of time and effort.

SEM is not a project that delivers instant gratification. Changes happen gradually. You may even see your rankings dip as the search engines adjust to the changes being made on your website. Once the website has attained a norm, the project enters its maintenance phase. Your company’s SEM specialist needs to stay abreast of the latest search engine technology, re-evaluate keywords and create content, help optimize website technology, maintain a pristine link popularity campaign, and understand the fluctuations of the PPC market.

How to determine ROI

First, a company must have a clear understanding of its conversion rate. This is easy for some; for them, a conversion is a purchase. But for other companies, the definition of success differs. It could be a lead generated by the site, with contact made by phone, fax or e-mail. It could be a subscription to a newsletter or a request for more information. Once you have a clear understanding of what constitutes a success and how it translates into an investment return, then you can set up metrics to calculate that information.

What many companies discover is that the SEM and usability ROI evaluations cover much of the same ground. Both require a faithful tracking and analysis of Web analytics. To truly understand what about your SEM campaign is working and what isn’t, look at more than PPC conversions. Your SEM specialist should have access to robust Web analytics, or at the very least, a daily analytics report that details the basics, such as which referring keyword phrase is the most successful, the movement from each keyword landing page, site entries and exits, and the percentage of search engine use versus direct access to your site. Which keywords spark the most purchases? Is the right webpage optimized for your most successful keyword? How responsive and usable is the site to visitors looking for a niche product or contact information? How well do you leverage this interest and motivate further interest in your company? Do these searches and behavior indicate any new industry trends?

When managed properly, SEM reinforces good design practices and enhances website usability. Rarely are they in conflict. Bolstered by a focused design, succinct and motivational content, greater visibility as an industry authority, and the credibility that comes from being the search result that makes sense, SEM can give your company a fresh, sophisticated voice.

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