New iPod? Or a PBM that delivers satisfied clients?
Which message strikes a chord with you?

Music is always great. But if you're like most consultants, the message that really resonates is finding a PBM that you can fully recommend to your clients. That's why you need to hear more about Prescription Solutions.

Balancing the cost/quality equation
Your clients are accountable for bottom line results, but they also need to offer a quality benefit that helps improve outcomes and increases employee satisfaction.

It is possible to achieve such seemingly discordant goals. It requires thorough planning and comprehensive services that include, and go far beyond, traditional PBM functions. Prescription Solutions offers innovative, customizable - even custom-designed - clinical programs that address your clients' specific needs. Recommend a PBM that does this and your clients will listen up.

Let's be clear on PBM pricing
PBM pricing transparency is a big question mark. So we'll answer it up-front. Prescription Solutions appropriately discloses the revenue related to your clients' business, including pricing and alternative revenues. It's the way we've always worked: focus on appropriate utilization - not higher rebates or lower utilization. It's a low net cost strategy that looks beyond pharmacy costs to total health care costs. And clearly that's a strategy that benefits everyone.
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