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Fall 2006   

Mail Service Pharmacy

Attention PacifiCare - insured employees!

Getting your prescriptions by mail order
is easier than ever!

Save time and money!
With the Mail Service Pharmacy, you can get the same quality medications as at a retail pharmacy. And they’re delivered usually at a lower cost.
It’s easier than ever!
One phone call is all it takes to order your prescription maintenance medication from the Mail Service Pharmacy. Call 1.800.562.6223 and a Prescription Solutions customer service representative will take care of everything. All we need is your specific medication information, including the drug name(s) and strength(s), along with your doctor's name and phone number.
Here’s an example of savings on
just one maintenance prescription:
*You can use the Mail Order Pharmacy benefit for maintenance medications (those you take on an ongoing basis). Short-term prescriptions – less than a 90-day supply – must be filled at a retail pharmacy.
Refills are even easier.
Just go online to www.rxsolutions.com or call us.

Save even more by using this coupon for your first order!

A Different Type Of Pharmacy Service Over The Counter
If you're currently taking a maintenance medication(s), you should be aware of the quality and value Prescription Solutions Mail Service Pharmacy provides. Offering Over-the-Counter (OTC) medications is a logical extension of this valuable service.

The OTC program features some of the most commonly used OTC products, including pain relievers, cough and cold remedies, antacids, first-aid supplies, even vitamins and herbal remedies. To see a full and current list of all OTC products we stock, just log on to our Web site at www.rxsolutions.com. Members can shop online, order by mail or call our knowledgable customer service representatives – whichever option is most convenient for you.
- All OTC products are shipped directly to your home – no more standing in a pharmacy line when using home delivery.
- Shipping is FREE! if you combine your OTC order with a prescription order (either a refill or a new prescription) or for all OTC orders of $25 or more.
- Compare our prices and save!
OTC orders are filled at the Prescription Solutions Mail Service Pharmacy and usually arrive in about seven working days after we receive the order. And because prescription medications always ship for free, so do OTCs when combined with a prescription order. Any OTC-only order over $25 also ships free.
We invite you to take advantage of this opportunity when you use our Mail Service Pharmacy.
Don't wait.
Call today and start getting the OTC products you need, when you need them.
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