Content Management

Content Management Systems (CMS) are software tools used to manage content—and particularly changes—on a website. Content can take the form of text, such as documents or articles; multimedia files, such as audio or video files; or images such as photographs and illustrations.

Why Does Your Company Need It?

Companies need Content Management Systems to maintain and manage the changes made to their website on a daily basis. A CMS can be programmed with very strict controls as to who can make changes and when these changes can take effect. For many large companies, not having control of their website content can be a public relations disaster waiting to happen.

How CMS Works

A CMS typically incorporates the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Creator responsible for creating and editing content
  • Editor responsible for fine-tuning the messaging and style of delivery, including translation and localization
  • Publisher – responsible for releasing the content for use
  • Administrator – responsible for managing access to folders and files, usually accomplished by assigning access rights to user groups or roles

Another equally important aspect of a CMS involves the creation, maintenance, and application of review standards. Each member of the content creation and review process has a unique role and set of responsibilities in the development and publication of the content. Each review team member requires clear and concise review standards, which must be maintained on an ongoing basis to ensure the long-term consistency and health of the knowledge base.

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