Domain Name Management

eTargeting manages domain names and can improve your domain name administration to optimize its use and harness the full value of your name through domain name strategy. Domain names are the basis of online brand identification and search navigation. Their proper care and attention is vital. We help domainers manage large portfolios of names. From large corporations to smaller start-ups, we can help you efficiently and effectively manage your burgeoning list of domain names.

Domain Name Strategy

Good domain name strategy supports both the digital strategy and the technology strategy. Large corporations need to understand the potential value in managing their list of names correctly; many are already aware of the consequences of not managing names correctly. We assist with the centralized management of corporate domain portfolios, finding quick gains, and long-term benefits.

eTargeting can monitor trademark infringement and competitor names, to which most corporations are blind without the prerequisite technical knowledge and experience. And in the constantly evolving arena of domain names, we help with the onset of ICANN changes, including the release of new top-level domains.

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