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Email Marketing is one of the most prolific marketing tools available today. It is critical for businesses to develop new relationships with prospective customers, as well as to stay top-of-mind with your current customers. Email Marketing is an economical way to invite visitors back to your website and build long-term, profitable customer relationships. Also, Email Marketing is a great way to instantly and consistently connect with prospective customers. There are many ways to reach your target market. You can send a newsletter about your business or organization, a coupon or promotional special, an event invitation, or just a thank you message for visiting your website. 

 Why Does Your Company Need It?

Most companies today have a website. What most companies do not have is an Email Marketing strategy to keep customers and prospective customers returning to their website. Email Marketing can help your company gather information from visitors and customers so you can send them valuable information about your products and services. So when they are ready to make a purchase, your company will be the first place they look.

Most website visitors don’t become customers on their first visit. If you can keep them interested and engaged, you have a better chance of winning their business in the future. When Email Marketing is done well and with your customers in mind, it’s a powerful tool.

Email Marketing Tools

eTargeting offers a variety of tools that will help enhance your email marketing campaigns. To learn more about how these tools can increase traffic to your website, call an eTargeting representative today.

eTargeting’s Email Marketing Tools:

  • Create the messaging
  • Design the layout
  • Push the eNewsletters
  • Track the results and provide reports
  • Manage email address lists
  • Unlimited lists and subscribers
  • Personalized mailings
  • Customizable subscription and unsubscription forms
  • Unlimited collection fields
  • Bounced email management
  • Automatic list segmentation
  • Sending filters
  • Open/Click thru tracking
  • Reporting and appointment/reminder plug-ins
  • Custom HTML templates
  • Capable of processing millions of emails
  • Systems integration

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