eTargeting’s eSurvey Tool helps organizations easily design, create, and implement online surveys to measure audience sentiment. Surveys are an essential method used to determine brand perception, customer satisfaction, employee motivation, and partner engagement. Better understanding of audience sentiment leads to engaging interactions, focused product development, and enhanced brand perceptions.

Why Does Your Company Need It?

Many organizations continually gather information about how customers use their products and services or how they would like to see the product developed. As markets change, attitudes toward products and services constantly evolve. This allows customers to compare products, prices, and promotions, and move easily from one site to the next. Online surveys provide a cost-effective way to quickly gather information from customers, respond to customer actions, and establish an ongoing dialogue with the ecosystem of brand influencers. (Is “ecosystem” the right word here? Not familiar with it in this context.)

eTargeting’s eSurvey Tool enables organizations to accurately measure audience opinions, attitudes, and motivation in real-time, and take immediate action based on responses.

eSurvey Benefits

  • Measure brand perception
  • Understand how your customers perceive the different elements of your brand
  • Improve survey design on an ongoing basis
  • Real-time survey results provide the insight to immediately enhance survey design to achieve desired outcomes
  • Establish a dialogue with customers
  • Increase interaction and engagement by providing audiences with an opportunity to express their opinions
  • Enrich customer profiles
  • View survey responses with web analytics data for a better understanding of customer persona
  • Engage all audiences
  • Improve employee motivation and strengthen partner engagement by acting on perception measurements across all brand influencers

Additional benefits from eTargeting

  • eSurvey can be branded to client’s look and feel
  • Consumer service 24/7
  • Anonymous surveys
  • Focus group surveys
  • Multiple response surveys
  • Single response surveys
  • Online reporting while survey is active
  • XML or CSV format downloads
  • SPSS format

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