Microsites are developed just like other websites, but are generally packed with extra functionality that engages the user. These sites consist of only a few pages—usually three to ten—which feature a specific message about a product, service, promotion, or invitation. Often, the site will contain online forms or other ways for users to respond or request information. A special domain name can be used to further amplify your message or the theme of the microsite. A microsite can also be personalized to an individual or company to highlight how they can benefit from the product or service being offered.

Why Does Your Company Need It?

Does your company have a very specific message or a new product to offer for a specific group of people or company? Microsites are a great way to deliver targeted information to a select target audience. They are one of the newest tools being used to complement advertising, promotion, and direct response marketing campaigns. Because of the limited scope of these sites, they are easy to build, update, and revise, offering an excellent way to promote your brand and sell your product or service. A microsite is one of the fastest ways to deliver and fulfill marketing offers.

Common Uses of Microsites

  • Announce a new product or service
  • Direct users to the microsite to respond to an offer
  • Move a potential customer along in the selling cycle by providing customer-specific answers to questions
  • Landing sites for email campaigns
  • Marketing vehicles for brands, products, or services
  • Targeted satellites of larger web presences
  • Dedicated sites for time-sensitive initiatives
  • Effective stand-alone web presences
  • Variations on themes for different audiences
  • Comprehensive search engine doorways

Features Can Include:

  • Content particularly optimized for search engine purposes
  • Various marketing-related elements (e.g., click to call for free, email to a friend, quick questionnaire, free contest, auto-response email information)
  • Products/services/promotions at a glance
  • Focused calls to action
  • Design reflecting an existing site or customized to specific services and products

Benefits of Microsites

  • Enables delivery of completely targeted information
  • Increases response time to direct mail or email marketing campaigns
  • Delivers personalized information such as calculating savings based on information that the user provides
  • Offers the opportunity to generate a customer list
  • Focuses on key services, products, or promotions
  • Search engine and directory placement
  • Driving of traffic to larger sites
  • Rich feature options
  • Individuality and targeting
  • Cost-effectiveness

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