Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the art and science of making enhancements to your website in order to improve its ranking in search engines. It is an ongoing, iterative process based on utilizing your most valued keywords. SEO Search Engine Optimization helps search engines such as Google® and Yahoo!® find your website—and, in turn, it helps your customers find you.

A lot has been written about SEO best practices, and there are no shortage of “quick fixes” one can take to make incremental gains in less competitive markets. But don’t let short-term fixes undermine long-term enhancements. Advertisers who depend on increasing the quality of traffic to their website know that SEO is not a one-time, do-it-yourself activity. Competitors are aggressively managing their own SEO campaigns to outrank you on the most sought-after queries. Companies of all sizes partner with eTargeting to gain a sustainable competitive advantage due to optimizing searches.

Why Does Your Company Need It?

Consumers use search engines like Google® or Yahoo!® to find products and services. The objective of SEO is to get your website ranked in the natural or “organic” section of search engine results. Because you have to earn your way there, being listed in natural search engine results is a sign of credibility. People trust natural search results. But unless your site is near the top of the search results, customers are unlikely to see your website.

Large studies have shown that most web searchers only look at the top ten search page results. If a site is listed near the top of that list, they will get more “clicks” to their site and more overall traffic.

SEO Can Deliver:

  • Higher traffic volume
  • Increased awareness of your site’s existence
  • More potential income
  • A better online reputation

Some of the most successful businesses and e-commerce sites already use SEO, and nearly one-third of businesses will have an SEO plan in place in the upcoming years. Businesses work tirelessly to optimize their search engine rankings, guaranteeing them more “hits” and more sales. If they don’t work on a daily basis to do this, they can easily get left behind the thousands of other sites offering similar ideas, products, and services.

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