Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is a technique that uses word-of-mouth-type communions through emails or social networks to increase a company’s brand awareness or to achieve other marketing objectives such as product sales. Some forms of viral marketing have existed for centuries. The goal of viral marketing is to create “buzz” about a product or idea so the idea spreads widely. If effective, viral marketing may require very little effort on the part of the propagator, as the recipients of the message become the primary agents who spread it to other people. However, the downside about this form of marketing is that it is hard to control.

Viral marketing is not complex: you create something that is of value to your customers so they are willing to refer you to others online. We advise on practical and trackable techniques to optimize social media and viral options. If harnessed correctly, these can present the most opportunity to differentiate your online marketing against competition. Read our blog for the latest findings and advice.

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