Website Analytics

Measurement and analytics is the key to the long-term success of any online campaign. But we don’t focus on the numbers as much as what those numbers mean. We are always listening to what the data tells us—and then we take action based on that data.

We try to understand end-user experiences within the framework of the overall campaign goals. Campaigns and marketing tactics are monitored to assess performance and visitor engagement and to measure ROI. In the realm of online commerce and conversion funnel tracking, analysis is also focused on understanding form abandonment and clickstream data resulting from off-site visitor behavior.

Analytics has progressed past standardized monthly traffic reporting and codified key performance indicators. We use Key Insights Analysis in order to listen to and understand end-users (both inquisitive website visitors and your existing client base). Key insight is gained through click density, task completion, segmentation, and scrutinizing campaign results in conjunction with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Visitors, prospects, and constituents are profiled based on campaign response and site use/interaction.

Benefits of Website Analytics:

  • Know what and how to measure to align metrics with business goals
  • Draw actionable conclusions from interactions across growing online channels
  • Fulfill ad hoc requests for information and business insights in a timely manner
  • Drive enterprise adoption of standard metrics for decision makers
  • Define online strategy based on insights gained from online interactions 

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