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Whether you are a business, organization, design firm or an advertising agency that is considering using email marketing for the first time or you are looking to expand how you are using email marketing, eTargeting has just what you are looking for.

During the last few years, email has become an important strategic tool, used by forward-thinking marketers to build and maintain strong relationships with their customers and prospects. Business owners and marketing directors are also recognizing the value of email marketing solutions; providing a significantly better response rate at a much lower cost than other types of direct marketing, while helping to reinforce your company’s brand and corporate image. Innovative companies are communicating with their audience with effective email marketing as it is incredibly cost-effective, affordable email marketing that fosters better one-on-one customer relationships, trust and loyalty.

eTargeting offers several services listed below:

eMail List Management

  • Customized sign-up forms – easy to set up, launch and manage multiple lead capture forms
  • eMail List Importing and Exporting – Simply import or export to Excel (CSV) with just a click of the mouse
  • Subscribe/Unsubscribe management – ensures that your list is accurate and meets the ICANN Standards
  • Opt-in Confirmation Option – ensure subscribers really want to hear from you
  • List Management – manage your list emails based on specific subscriber information

Create and Send eMails

  • Create your own or use ours – you can upload your own email template and our logo will not be in the footer. Want a professionally designed custom template? We can help with that too or, choose a pre-designed template – ours are tested work in all major email clients
  • Edit what you need – our HTML editor makes it easy to adjust prebuilt or custom templates with your content
  • Manage images – enjoy easy uploading and storage functionality
  • Make your message personal – include your recipient´s name in the subject line or email

Tracking, Reporting and Analytics

  • Real-time reporting – see opens, views, clicks, bounces, complaints
  • Invalid email address tracking – improve deliverability and campaign performance
  • Export lists – share with a click of a button
  • Google Analytics – automatically integrate with your emails to accurately track your campaigns

eMail Rate Table

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